Dedicated To Safeguarding Your

Critical Business Investments

Dedicated To Safeguarding Your

Critical Business Investments

Dedicated To Safeguarding

Your Critical Business Investments

Service Offerings Available To Our Clients

We will help you accelerate the maturity of your cybersecurity program with the highest degree of confidence and trust. At AbriteLogic, we help our clients build secure and versatile security strategies and roadmaps to ensure they focus on what matters to their business needs. Please check them out and let us know how we may assist you!

vCISO Offering

Our highly-trained vCISO experts are to handle clients’ security strategy, maturity, and compliance programs. The team becomes a trusted member of each organization’s management team and helps them deliver the core cybersecurity protection that every organization needs.

Our vCISO experts bring years of cybersecurity experience gained from working with multiple organizations and across several areas of the cybersecurity spectrum. 

More About vCISO

Strategic Security Solutions

  • Threat Landscape
  • Cybersecurity Maturity
  • Cybersecurity Program
  • Cybersecurity Strategy

Strategic Goals

  • Risk Reduction
  • Cost-Effectiveness
  • Resource Optimization
  • High ROI

Compliance Management

Our security compliance team will guide your organization to put well-defined programs, practices, and processes in place to review and reassess security practices, as well as help you implement a security compliance program to continuously monitor and document the implementation, effectiveness, adequacy, and status of your security controls.

If you do not have a senior executive dedicated to overseeing overall compliance, our security compliance team is responsible for engaging management support, coordinating monitoring and assessment activities, and engaging key client personnel or functional groups as part of the efforts to ensure all security functions, such as patching systems, security-log reviews, internal/external vulnerability scans, and internal/external penetration tests are performed as required.

This valuable insight into your risk profile and the overall security posture will help you prepare for a compliance assessment across a number of different industry frameworks and standards (i.e. NIST (800-53, 37, 137), FISMA (FIPS 199, 200) , FedRAMP, PCI/DSS, and HIPPA).

More About Compliance

Compliance Best Practices

  • Security Controls Selection 
  • Patches and Updates
  • Level of Automation
  • Depth of Reporting
  • Scope of Planning
  • Continuous Monitoring

Frameworks & Standards

  • NIST (CSF, 800-53, 37, 137)
  • SOC1/SOC2
  • FedRAMP
  • FISMA (FIPS 199, 200)

 Readiness Assessments

Our security assessments give you valuable insight into your risk profile and the overall security posture as you prepare for a compliance assessment across a number of different industry frameworks and standards.

We provide you with a detailed analysis of your current level of compliance. Our security assessment team will help you identify, evaluate, and prioritize potential vulnerabilities to your information assets (e.g., systems, hardware, operating systems, applications, and data) and then prioritizes the various risks that could impact those vulnerabilities. This early engagement helps our clients plan their security projects while keeping compliance in mind.
More About Assessments

Assessment Requirements

  • Risk Assessment
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Security Testing
  • Penetration Testing
  • GAP Analysis
  • Security Awareness Training

Contingency Planning

We know that success sometimes reflects the number of calculated risks our clients are willing to take both internally and externally. That’s why we are here to help you secure a contingency plan to facilitate active risk management and proactive preparation rather than reactive decisions when faced with an emergency, which can result in failure.

Our cybersecurity experts are ready to guide you through the basic steps of contingency planning from planning, implementation, and testing to your overall security program improvement.

More About Contingencies

Contingency Requirements

  • Incident Response
    Contingency Planning
    Business Impact Analysis
    Business continuity Planning
    Disaster Recover Planning

Recovery Goals

  • Recovery Time Objective
  • Acceptable Downtime
  • Recovery Point Objective
  • Data Backups Plans
  • Restoration Procedures

Cloud Security

We understand that cloud environments can be quite complex by virtue of the fact that a lot of technologies and processes are involved, making them exposed to a wide range of threats. While there is no one-size-fits-all cloud security service, our cloud security services are designed to hope you mitigate risk and improve compliance with cloud environments.

Our expertise revolves around the most common types of cloud security services such as data loss prevention (DLP), identity and access management (IAM), email security, web security, and intrusion detection.

We serve as an independent third party to perform initial and periodic assessments of your cloud platforms based on government and industry security requirements such as FedRAMP. We are dedicated to helping you protect your cloud resources, workloads, and apps, as well as your infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), software as a service (SaaS), and hybrid environments.

More About Cloud Security

Cloud Compliance

  • Cloud Security Assessment 
  • Cloud Security Assessment
  • Security Patches/Updates
  • Cloud Policies
  • Cloud Risks
  • Logging and Monitoring

Service Models

  • Infrast. as a Service (IaaS)
    Platform as a Service (PasS)
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Hybrid Deployments

Cutting-Edge Solutions

We are committed to providing our clients with the state-of-the-art security solutions necessary to successfully conduct data-driven business with an appreciable return on investment. We strive to bring excellent customer service experience and innovation to our clients. Feel free to check them out!







Why Count On US To Reach Your Strategic Security Goals?

We believe in the following in the discharge of our services

We provide our services to protect businesses of all sizes and industries with executive-level guidance and leadership to help them focus on business while we center our effort on security and technology as business enablers. 

Grant An Alternative Option

We understand that instead of hiring a costly full-time CISO employee, there is a vibrant cost-cutting vCISO alternative that gives you access to security experts who will help your organization reduce risk and threats against your business.

Offer Professionalism

Hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards and treat all clients with dignity and respect. Our team of experts is productive, demonstrates integrity, shows resilience, provides excellence, builds cordial relationships with clients, and collaboratively works on projects.

Guaranteed Quality Delivery

We remain passionate about fast and quality deliverables throughout our service delivery cycle and ensure that project deliverables conform to quality standards while exceeding expectations. This is evidence of productivity and resilience in favor of clients.

Utmost Responsiveness

We claim ownership for the results of our actions and expertise; therefore, we understand that maintaining consistent and effective communication is the key to a successful engagement. You’ll be contacted as often as needed throughout the entire duration of your project.

Our Unique Approach

Our team of experts is some of the most experienced and technically proficient with risk-based management skills in the industry. Our cybersecurity trusted advisors are available to help provide the necessary visibility across your entire network infrastructure and thus allowing for proactive threat detection and improved incident identification, robust investigation, and rapid resolution.

With our strategic advisory services, you can rest assured that your organization will have industry-best and state-of-the-art safeguards in place for the day-to-day running of your business. Please review our case studies to acquaint yourself with our individualized solutions.

Careers at AbriteLogic Solutions

Looking for cybersecurity career opportunities? Then take a step back! AbriteLogic is always seeking hardworking, dynamic, innovative, and collaborative individuals who can bring their valuable skills and insights to our team. While our professional environment is fast-paced, it is rewarding and constantly evolving for the good of our staff.

Please review our current openings and submit a resume to email address if you find anything that interests you. In case you don’t see that perfect opportunity listed, no worries. Just go ahead and send us your updated resume as we are always looking for potential talents. Thank you!

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