Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP)

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An Overview of Our DR Plan and Development

Developing a disaster recovery plan (DRP) that ensures your IT/cyber resilience and recovery capability can be part of a strategic move. Whether your organization prioritizes the protection of critical data and assets or minimizing disruption to business operations, the team of experts at AbriteLogic Solutions can help your organization swiftly and efficiently return to normal business operations after disaster strikes. The primary DR consideration is how quickly an organization can recover critical systems and data when disaster strikes. Regardless, we’ve got you covered!

We are positioned to help you secure your business by building contingencies with robust plans to prevent or minimize the effects of a disaster (or unplanned incidents) to ensure operational continuity or faster restoration of key business operations.

Key Considerations For DRP Development

Meet the industry leaders in disaster recovery planning and development and see how their expertise can help drive your business strategy to safeguard your critical data and assets by restoring the business to full functionality, following a system failure or compromise, while keeping the business impact to a minimum. AbriteLogic Solutions is here to help you accomplish your DRP goals by virtue of the following considerations. 

Our Custome DRP Process

  • Developing or updating business impact analysis (BIA)
  • Conducting assets impact assessment
  • Deriving assumptions and constraints
  • Employing communication processes
  • Creating data and system backup plan
  • Drafting response communication and action plan
  • Ensuring proper documentation of DRP

Our DR Responsibilities & Best Practices

  • Establishing recovery objectives (i.e. RTO and RPO)
  • Evaluating IT inventory with updated asset lists
  • Identifying roles and responsibilities and listing of DR sites
  • Creating remote storage of physical documents 
  • Writing disaster response procedures
  • Identifying and safeguarding sensitive data
  • Defining a communication plan and running recovery drills

The Benefits Of Our DRP Services

Our DR plan and guidance help organizations enhance their ability to continue business operations with little or no disruption and subsequently, minimizes the risk in the event of a disaster. We are committed to helping our clients secure their business interests including critical data and ROI.

Selected list of client-focused services:

  • Minimizing interruptions to normal business operations while limiting the extent of disruption and damage to the bottom line.
  • Exercising the recovery processes and procedures for restoring the IT infrastructure to facilitate the recovery and/or continuity of essential business functions.
  • Developing training programs for staff to execute contingency procedures, while familiarizing them with the recovery processes.
  • Establishing readiness procedures, conducting annual reviews and testing of the DR plan, and verifying the effectiveness of the recovery documentation.
  • Ensuring that recovery objectives (i.e. RTO & RPO) are achievable.

Why Chose Our vCISO Services?

The following is the scope of our key vCISO responsibilities related to service offering and why you should count on us:

  • Working with respective business units with the client organizations and providing guidance relating to the development and improvements to the DRP strategy and its associated recovery processes.
  • Providing expert advice and assessment on strategic security planning, security threats, and compliance requirements.
  • Providing consultation to develop an effective cybersecurity program and facilitate its integration into your business strategy, process, and culture.
  • Holding ourselves to the highest ethical standards and treating all clients with dignity and respect.
  • Remaining passionate about fast and quality deliverables throughout our service delivery cycle and ensuring that project deliverables conform to quality standards while exceeding expectations.
  • Claiming ownership for the results of our actions and expertise; therefore, we understand that maintaining consistent and effective communication is the key to a successful engagement.

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