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There have been recent spikes of sophisticated cyberthreats in the healthcare industry, which are of particular concern for the health sector due to the severe impact not just on the security of healthcare systems but also on the privacy, health, and safety of patients.

Whether you are a Covered Entity (CE) or Business Associate (BA) providing treatment, payment, and operations in healthcare and subject to HIPAA regulatory compliance rules—who has access to patient data and provides support in treatment, payment, or operations—we’ve got you covered. Our Team of HIPPA experts will help you stay compliant with HIPAA regulations.

Business-driven information security executives at the C-suite level remain in high demand; particularly, in the healthcare industry as cybersecurity incidents and data breaches continue to rise and evolve. The value of sensitive electronic patient records and the potential impact on critical life-saving systems and medical devices make this industry attractive to cyberattacks. We can help!

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”

~Colin Powell~

Healthcare Commitment & Involvement

The commitment and involvement of our trusted team of experts in driving a successful cybersecurity strategy are crucially important to safeguard the interests of the healthcare industry. Sadly, healthcare organizations are attractive targets of cybercriminals, and it is our responsibility to advocate for cybersecurity best practices with a combination of the right tools and strategies.

Our vCISO solutions are targeted at helping your cybersecurity leadership safeguard critical data while supporting business operations to prevent or minimize risks to the business and ensure optimum security posture. Our team of experts helps organizations fill any gaps. 

How AbriteLogic Solutions Can Help You

As cyber risks remain an existential threat facing organizations of all sizes today, there are numerous noteworthy reasons that explain the importance of cybersecurity in the healthcare industry. Our consultants will provide guidance in helping your organization protect your critical data and assets, streamline your compliance needs, and secure your IT infrastructure to stay compliant.

We can help you gain a competitive advantage by adopting cybersecurity as a business enabler to stay compliant. Find out how we can help you focus on growing your business!

  • Our team of experts works closely with your senior management and security team to establish a well-informed strategic cybersecurity vision that meets your organization’s goal of staying compliant.
  • Additionally, our team of experts collaborates with your IT department and senior management to establish a well-informed strategic cybersecurity vision that meets your organization’s goals.
  • Next, our vCISO services grant you the liberty to leverage the executive leadership skills of our seasoned security and compliance experts who have hands-on CISO experience in the field.
  • Furthermore, we understand that getting the executives and board to give high priority to cybersecurity development and implementation doesn’t have to be complicated. Our trusted team of experts will draft a language that resonates with the priorities of the senior leadership.
  • Finally, we come in and guide the executives on how to set the tone and directive for business and security strategy and empower the people to drive and execute frameworks, policies, standards, and operational procedures, which are needed to be HIPPA compliant. 

Practical Significance Of Our Solutions

Swift Response

Our seasoned professionals with a wider spectrum of expertise will keep the organization ever ready to handle rising and sophisticated threats while building a strong security culture and staying ahead of the threat actors.

Tailored Solutions

Regardless of your current organization’s culture and security posture, our solutions for the executives come flexible and can be customized to meet your specific challenges, needs, and requirements.

Dedicated To Excellence

We are dedicated to efficiently employing actionable solutions with balanced capabilities around prevention, detection, and response to increasing your cyber resilience.  

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