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    vCISO Advisory

    Our highly-trained vCISO experts are to handle clients’ security strategy, maturity, and compliance programs.  The vCISO service combines this client knowledge with their industry experience to provide the best cybersecurity advice and build a strategy to deliver protection, governance, compliance, reporting, and a roadmap to keep your company secure. Count on us to serve you!

    Vendor Risk Management

    When it comes to third-party risk management, our trusted vCISO experts are here to help you deliver the core cybersecurity protection that your organization needs. When you work with us for your vCISO needs, we will guide and manage your vendor-related risks to help you stay competitive.

    Cyber Risk Reporting

    Improving security with periodic cyber risk reporting is our core strength knowing that metrics and KPIs promote cybersecurity operations excellence. We will help you start your journey to data-driven cyber risk reporting, as the cyberthreat landscape is continuously getting complex and changing.

    GRC Offering

    Our Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) experts are strategically positioned to assess your cyber-related risks, identify gaps, and develop and deploy optimized, cost-effective solutions to meet compliance requirements. The GRC service builds a strategy to deliver governance, compliance, and risk reporting to keep your company secure. 

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